Monday, May 19, 2014

France - 10/9/00


I got to talk to Jamie tonight!  I wasn't going to call him, but I went downstairs to call Mom and Dad and thought I'd go ahead and call Jamie just to see if he was there... and he was.  Life is always more wonderful after I talk to him.  I found out today that I'm in level 4 and don't have classes on Mondays.  And class on Friday is over at 11:15, so I've got long weekends all the time!  [The "stage" was just for the first month or so; we took a placement test to put us into our levels for the rest of the year.]  I think I'm going to tell the "teaching English" people that I'd like to work on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  The bank was closed today, so Sarah and I couldn't pick up our checks and cards.  We did go to Auchan, though, and I stocked up on food.  And bought some makeup and sink cleaner.  Also withdrew 2000 francs from the ATM so I can pay rent and all the enrollment fees.  I have ten letters to write to get caught up, so I think I'll start on that tomorrow.  Today (after my three hour nap!) I cleaned my room, put up my postcard sand pictures, and handwashed all my undies.  Productive!  Jamie talked to his dad about my film, and it looks like I need to go ahead and get them all developed here.  I'll send a few at a time home to Jamie and Mom and Dad, though, so I won't have boxes full in June.  Another expense I hadn't counted on.  (sigh)  I'm getting worried about money problems!  argh.  I'm going to do my devotional and crunches and get ready for bed.  I love you, Jamie!

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