Monday, May 5, 2014

France - 10/4/00


When am I going to learn?  It's 1:40.  I have to be up in 2 and a half hours and I haven't gone to bed yet.  (sigh)  I made an appointment to enroll on Tuesday.  And there's a meeting Monday for all of us who are interested in teaching English at a high school.  I gave Jamie a quick call today.  Reminded him to ask his dad about the film and told him to have a safe trip... and I told him I love him, of course.  I miss him.  Right now I'm trying to think of something I could give him for his birthday, and I really don't know.  I'm thinking maybe I'll have someone draw me and I can send that to him... but I'd feel conceited.  I have no idea.  And I really need to pack - that goes to show how tired I am.  I've already packed!  I need to put a pair of pjs in my bag and wash my face and brush my teeth.  2 hours of sleep!  I love you Jamie.  Your flight took off 15 minutes ago.  Hope you manage to get some sleep on the plane.  I miss you.

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