Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Monaco - 10/7/00


It was a fairly wonderful day in Monaco.  The tickets were cheap and Monaco is gorgeous.  On the way there we went through beautiful little towns like "Beaulieu sur Mer."  I'd like to have a "summer mansion" in Monaco or thereabouts when I'm rich.  (ha!)  I wish Jamie could have been there with me.  When we came out of the train station we were right on the dock area and there was a go-cart championship going on.  Loud!  It was really colorful and I took a picture.  (Unfortunately, discovered afterwards it was in panoramic.)  We then hiked up bunches of steps to the top of a cliff where the palace was.  Wonderful, wonderful view!  The oceanographic museum was kinda dull, but the aquarium was nice.  There was one tank where a fish and two eels were tearing apart an oyster/clam thing... drew a crowd.  And there was a really rude group of secret service-type body guards that shoved us out of the way of someone who must have been important.  Sarah was in a horrible mood the first part of the day and pretty much made the rest of us miserable.  The second half was good, though.  We saw the Casino (from outside), a cool fountain, some designer shops - from the outside - (we were glared at), and the beach!  The beach was nice.  We watched "Hip-Man," who did stretches, push-ups, & hip rolls in his speedo, and a guy who got dressed under a shirt he put on around his waist.  I called home from the train station in Monaco to say "hi" and "I love you" and got to talk to Dad!  Wish I could talk to my sweetheart now!

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