Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nice, France - 10/5/00


I'm in Nice.  I'm halfway through the second Bridget Jones book and it's wonderful.  The train ride down here was long, but didn't feel too long... there was a lady sitting next to the four of us who smelled really bad - we all kept sniffing Stephanie's Bonne Bell lip stuff (smells like caramel, but is called cappucino) to get rid of the smell.  We also made comments to each other about the smell, only seeing near the end of the trip that she was reading a paper in English and not French.  [That taught me a very good lesson.]  We spent about an hour on the rocky beach before finding a hostel and it's gorgeous.  It's in what used to be the home of a marquis and we've got a balcony with a great view.  Everyone in here is trying to go to sleep so I'll make this short.  Had dinner at a yummy place in town - had a huge tuna pizza.  The service was great and I spent less than $10.  I love you Jamie!

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